Feature list

  • Intuitive command line (re)provisioning of:
    • databases
    • virtual hosts
    • fully configured applications
  • Provision applications using Git repositories (both public and private)
  • Provision applications using Composer
  • Provision directly to Nginx or HHVM
  • SSH security done right
  • Highly customizable, Vagrant aware settings
  • Pro tools like Elasticsearch and Logstash
  • Fully functional on Windows (including SSH)
  • A web interface thrown in as a bonus

Box architecture

To give you a less abstract idea of how your box operates:

Cakebox Overview

Note: the Basebox Build Process is already done for you and is shown for completeness only.


Your box runs a 64-bit version of Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and comes with a bunch of useful software like PHP 7.1. Check the Virtual Machine section of your Cakebox Dashboard for an actual list.

Box Software

Cakebox Commands

Use the CakePHP 3 Console powered cakebox command line to create:

  • databases
  • virtual hosts
  • fully configured (public and private) applications

Cakebox Commands

Note: These commands are also used by your Cakebox.yaml file allowing you to (re)create exact copies of your customized box including all installed applications, databases and virtual hosts.

Cakebox Dashboard

Because managing multiple applications just using the command line can soon become a real bitch we have added a web interface for your conveniece.

Cakebox Dashboard