These instructions provide you with three different methods to log in to your box using SSH.

1. Using The Vagrant SSH Client

Vagrant comes with it's own SSH client which allows you to log in to your box directly from the command line without the need for any additional SSH client software. To log in to your box make sure that you are in the cakebox root folder on your local machine before running:

vagrant ssh

2. Using a Command Line SSH Client

To log in to your box using the SSH clients that come integrated with Mac, Linux and the Git Bash run the following command anywhere on your local system:

ssh vagrant@

Note: if you have updated your local hosts file you can also run ssh vagrant@cakebox

3. Using Putty (Windows)

Windows users are encouraged to use Putty as their preferred SSH client as this will simplify their workflow and guarantee that all cakebox functionality will function as expected.

Note: Make sure that you have created the cakebox_rsa.ppk key as described here.

To create a Putty connection configuration for your box:

  1. Start Putty
  2. Set hostname to IP address (or cakebox if you have updated your hosts file)
  3. Select Connection > Data and set vagrant as the auto-login username
  4. Select Connection > SSH > Auth
  5. Press Browse to select your cakebox_rsa.ppk file
  6. Select Session
  7. Press Save to save your configuration
  8. Press Open to login to your box

Note: Next time simply connect to your box by double clicking the connection.