Cakebox uses multibackup to create daily backups of critical box files which are then stored on your local machine for safe keeping.

Good to know

  • backups can be found on your local machine in the /.cakebox/backups folder
  • backup retention: 90 days
  • to manually start the backup run sudo multibackup inside your box
  • backups are created daily at 5:00 AM. To change:
  • edit /etc/cron.d/backup-liveconfig (visit crontab guru for help)
  • reload cron by running sudo service cron reload


The default configuration file /home/vagrant/.multibackup.conf will backup:

  • all app.php and .env configuration files found in /home/vagrant (recursively)
  • the full database server with all databases (using Percona Xtrabackup)
  • /etc/nginx
  • /home/vagrant/.cakebox

Additional folders can be added to the backups by specifying them in the configuration file.